samp funcs

  1. kzye.


    The system, which includes the simple and game_sa libraries, includes RakNet and many features. It can also be used in Suspender programs without creating threads. Since it contains many libraries, both cheating and anti cheating can be done. SOURCE CODE...
  2. kzye.

    Multi Thread Suspending || ASI, DLL

    Hello everyone! Today i will show you how to suspend any dll or asi file's threads. Source Code: Note: This is my first post on this platform. Good luck to those who need it. The code below is an example. Since my testing area for...
  3. habbike05

    CLEO Help scan string issue

    Hello everybody. i'm having a issue on my code, the problem is the scan_string is never true and idk what i'm doing wrong, i've already read many threads and i can't fix it, pls help. while true wait 50 0AC9: free_allocated_memory 15@ alloc 15@ = 260 SAMP.GetChatString( 99...