Aim/Trigger for certain Server. [Serious Request]

Oct 15, 2016
As you've already read the title, im in need of an aim/trigger bot for a certain SAMP server.
It has a pretty good anticheat as I see people getting banned often from using different versions of hacks like silentaim, trigger, pro-aim, VHH, airbreak etc.
This is a serious request, and the coder, IF someone decides to help me through with this. I will ofcourse pay, this is something we'll discuss further.

Im in need of a Triggerbot, which I will use for legit gameplay so even if an admin is spectating me. He won't have a single clue of whats actually going on.
The server is using skinhit, and I wont reveal the name of it until we have discussed the project in privacy.
If admins feel like im up to something, they can request a check of my computer through teamview, and that's were things get a little more tricky.
I want to still be undetected, stealth. So running the project from a USB Harddrive is necesarry if you don't have another method to stay under the radar.

This is a serious request, so please keep this thread that way. I've been thinking about this request for a while now, would love to see this one go through.
I won't choose someone for the project who just appears from nowhere. Send me a PM of your skype, or anyother way you would like to communicate.

Thanks in advance, Saucin.


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Dec 31, 2015
Woaw! Woooaaaw!
I'm currently playing on a russian RPG server where admins can ask you for PC Check, just like you mentioned up there, I've never thought there's some other servers that uses that way of banning cheaters
But you know what, using an .exe file from USB harddrive isn't enough, on my server where I'm playing, an admin checks your "regedit" and also MuiCache, so if he see, you were running something from a remote device, he will ask you to plug that device again, and if you will not, you're gonna get banned, if you plug wrong device, you will get banned too, because he will check it by some special program, if it was correct device or not
Hit me up in PM, that's getting interesting, also can you tell me IP of that server? I wanna know is the anticheat server or client sided