[.ASI]S0beit + Source By Sanek.



  • Functions:
  • Coord-Master
    Teleports for short distances to the specified point
  • OnFoot invisible
    Invisible from the feet. To activate, you need a machine (any, at least empty, even with a driver) in the zone of the stream. When trying to follow you in most cases, admins throw in the download, but if it does not, it still will not be able to track you.
  • Autoreconnect
    Automatically reconnects you to the server after you kick. It is possible to adjust the delay.
  • NoFall

  • Antipathy. Clears the animation when it drops to the ground.
  • Rapid

  • Accelerates the animation of shooting. It is possible to adjust the speed of fire.
  • NoSpread
    Disables the spread of bullets on the weapon.
  • FakeSkills
  • Work in minimized mode
    Work in a collapsed mode. When folding the game you will not be in AFK.
  • AntiStun
    Disables the animation of wounds during shooting.
  • Bunnyhop
    Disables the fall animation when using a Bannihope. It does not work on all servers, because the way to define a banyonux is different.
  • SkillBot
    Bot for skill pumping. Bot itself for you swings the skills of weapons, it is possible to select the bot mode. 
  • Mode "anim" - simulates the animation of shooting. 
  • "Sync" mode - the bot sends packets to the server about the shot, that is, you are standing still and the skills are rocking. It is necessary to keep arms in hand.
  • CarShot
    All known function. Accelerates the car and allows you to demolish everything to the dicks on your way.
  • KillMsg
    Notifies you if you are killed.
  • AdminChecker
    Admin checker. Displays the admins on the server, you can change the list in the admins.ini file
  • NoReload
    Shooting without recharge
  • RakNet Logger
    Notifies you about the entrances / exits of players from the server. The outputs from the server have their "reasons". 
  • / scmd
    Open command list
  • / connect
    Allows you to connect to another server without leaving the game. In addition to simple reconnection, you can set a nickname with which you will go to the server and you can also enter the password from the server, if, of course, the server with the password
  • / gp
    Allows you to pick up a pickup in the zone of the stream. Works on almost all servers.
  • / fk
    Fake-killing. In the parameters of the command, you must specify the player's id, the cause of the murder (reason) and the amount of the level of the search (amount).
  • / warp
    Allows you to teleport to the player in the stream zone. Works behind the zone of the stream, if the server includes global labels.
  • / flood
    Flood text. Before the flood it is better to set the desired delay in milliseconds.
  • / flood_delay
    Set flood delay text (in milliseconds).
  • / ccc
    Allows you to clear the chat.
  • / name
  • / sskin
    Change the skin. You can also change the skin to another player.
  • / cveh
    Create a visual machine.
Patches enabled by default (GTA Patches):
  • Anti Bike Fall Off - does not let fall off the motorcycle
  • Infinite Run - endless running
  • Infinite oxygen - infinite oxygen
  • Free paint and spray
  • Walk / drive under water - walking / driving under water
  • Enable vehicle name rendering - shows the name of the car when landing in it
  • Enable speed blur - blur at speed
  • Sprint on any surface - dick knows what it is, so you can turn it off if you do not need it.
The default knots (SA: MP Patches):
  • SetPlayerDrunkLevel - the server will not be able to swing your camera when you are drunk. Also, if you turn on this button, the server will not be able to determine your FPS.
  • SetPlayerVelocity - the server can not set you speed.
  • SetVehicleVelocity - the server can not set the speed of your machine (aka Antimilit)
All other steps are disabled by default and some of the nodes are removed from the list (you can add to the list via mod_sa.ini). 

I answer the question: why did all the UT included everything here ???? suddenly komuta is unnecessary! 
- All the included patches by default can be turned off in the mod_sa.ini file. One example
patch [] = "Walk / drive under water" & 0 1 "" 0x006C2759 "00" "01"

Where "1" - this means that the patch is enabled by default. If you do not need this patch, put "0" and save the file. 

I answer the question: why is .asi different from .dll? 
- Yes, actually nothing. But with this sobeytom you can play with ENB, you can rename as you like and sobeyt will work. 

The disabled functions are in mod_sa.ini: 

- ClickWarp - TP on the wheel 
- Money - the 
Nitro - Nitro 
- Speedometer - the speedometer 
- Map - the garbage that drew lines to the players 
- Chat Sobeyta (F7) and the Kill List Sheet (F9) 
- Tab 

Other functions and changes to the config mod_sa.ini: 

- RenderPickupText - displays ID and model of pickups. 
- DialogID - shows the id of the current dialog.
- FreezeRot - does not allow the car to roll over. Activation: "e". 
- Chat keybind - allows you to bind commands. Activation of lshift + 1, 2 and so on. It is possible to set the spam mode. You can change the keys in mod_sa.ini


[size=small]- FastWarp - allows you to teleport to small distances. Activation: PCM + x. The distance of the teleport depends on where you are looking. 

- CarWarp - allows you to dramatically accelerate the machine (a la cartoon). Activation: W + X. If you press w + x and release "w" then the machine will go further. [/size]



[size=small]Download Source Link:[/size]


[size=small]WWW.Virustotal.com Use.[/size]

[font=arial, sans-serif]Well I translated the content and I copy it I see that if it looks interesting I hope some of you can increase more cheats since it serves as a lot of greetings: D[/font]


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Mar 21, 2017
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with this you can actually run 2 sobeits at the same time without dual .ini files (if you edit source)   :motherofgod: :not bad:


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Nov 12, 2016
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:iknowwhatyoudidthere: That`s from blasthack :surprised:


_ = Gigant = _ said:
con esto puedes ejecutar 2 sobeits al mismo tiempo sin archivos duales .ini (si editas el código fuente)   :motherofgod: :not bad:

yes brother , but with more edited cheats  : D

CSprite said:
:iknowwhatyoudidthere: That`s from blasthack :surprised:
[font=arial, sans-serif]So you can understand well what the s0beit is about[/font]


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Nov 12, 2016
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elianfox said:

CSprite said:
:iknowwhatyoudidthere: That`s from blasthack :surprised:
[font=arial, sans-serif]So you can understand well what the s0beit is about[/font]

Yes I can :> :LOL:


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Mar 6, 2019
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Hey, how do you turn off that tasteful speedometer, always the same in every s0beit?