Silent aimbot doesn't work well and servers block me


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Feb 22, 2014
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i opened my sa-mp 0.3x R2 and nearly everything works fine but these following two,

1-everytime i join any server with good or normal anti-cheat it's in all servers these days, they send me "Your banned from the server" i tried to disable it from the .ini file but i didn't find the "Fast Connection" thing to disable it i only found
# This is automatic when it's in SA-MP mode, so you don't need to change this.
# 0 = Single player
# 1 = SA-MP
run_mode = 1
i tried to change the 1 numbers to 0 but the mod sobiet stopped working at all. so i hope u guys help me.

2-the silent aimbot doesn't work, the normal one work, the smooth aim work, but the silent doesn't work,
i joined my test server and made a killable bot and the silent aimbot doesn't work against the bot, the bot receive damage normally but not with the silent aimbot, i would be so gratefull guys if you helped me.