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Feb 18, 2013
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Most of you already witnessed the lack of moderation in all sections, including the approval time of posts and removal of spam content.
The only reason for that is, that my time nowadays is heavily limited / taken up by other things therefore I rarely come to actual moderation (I clean up pending stuff roughly every week) therefore I am / we are on the hunt for some new moderation staff tied to categories.

Following categories are in need for moderation:
  • San Andreas Multiplayer > General
  • San Andreas Multiplayer > CLEO
  • San Andreas Multiplayer > m0d_s0beit
  • Coding
every single category is in search for exactly 1 moderator excluding the CLEO category due to the shear amount of daily posts, there aren't special requirements just hit me up with some DM you think may fit.

Now there's also the Discord server I've planned to clean this one up too and I already started, stronger moderation tools and automated moderation will be added we also got some new groups on the Discord to roughly give people some let's say "appreciation" and to hide certain conversations from the public view.
There's the Elder in which everyone that's more or less active on ugbase is welcome to join, then there are the Trusted and Elite roles but they're usually rarely given. Just hit me up with a DM in Discord so I can look after adding you in the Elder group.