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MTA MTA Bank Rob Trainer - Kraken / Self leak (Source code) MTA

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Hello, I've decided to self-leak a trainer designed mostly for RPG servers in which you need to crack the safes with higher/lower numbers. I've decided to leak the project completely which was made by me and a friend because I've put focus on another project and that one is kinda old. I have included everything in the .rar. USE IT CAREFULLY AS IT HASN'T BEEN TOUCHED IN YEARS AND IS MOST LIKELY DETECTED. ( Please don't ask me how to compile it or anything if you don't know what you are doing just better to leave it untouchable. It's a fun project and feel free to modify it and respect the coders as stated below.

Credits: Alyo(Makaveli) and Nondescript(Phobos)


Moderator note: This source release also contains some binaries, make sure TO NOT execute them without re-compiling them yourself as source releases don't get scanned or looked into any further. However, this doesn't mean the archive is malicious. /0x
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