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  1. Z

    Help Cleo mod.

    Can someone make a cleo script that it presses esc when detects a text in chat? Specifically the text: (+) Ai castigat
  2. R

    CLEO Help Help with go_to command

    Hello everyone, I am somewhat new to Cleo scripting, although I have a specialized background in web development. However, I am learning to develop simple scripts in Cleo for my fun in GTA SA. The command: 0A2E: AS_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR go_to PositionX PositionY PositionZ mode 6 time -2...
  3. S

    Help help me please

    i wnat cleo show all hidden players in radar for wtls server work in samp r5 witout crash iknow version in lua name radar reaveal hack but i want version ceo please someone make for me
  4. L

    Help check if there is any object within 15 meters, if any, it will be marked on the map through an icon, but after being activated my game crashes

    {$CLEO .csi} thread 'Marc' :Marc wait 0 00A0: store_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR position_to $14 $15 $16 04E6: object 0@ near_point 14@ 15@ 16@ radius 15.0 15.0 15.0 flag 0 0984: 10@ = object 0@ model if 10@ == 1276 then 01BB: store_object 0@ position_to $72 $73 $74 04CE: 9@ =...
  5. S

    CLEO Help Repair Vehicle Cleo Script

    i can't coding, but i need help. i need repair vehicle cleo scripts with 2000 health and 3000 health in RP server Mode MRP v3.18.11u6 Thousand. thanks before
  6. GK26

    Cleo Scripting Key Binder/Macro Help

    I was thinking how to make a keybinder works only if the player are inside vehicle or aircraft like Hydra\Rustler for example, If i pressed Space Button then LMB button is also Activated\Engaged just like If\Then\Else kind of situation Im really new to cleo scripting im gladly if someone can...
  7. E

    CLEO Help a little help with this cleo please!

    {$CLEO .cs} thread 'TowCars' 0@ = 0 // Initialize toggle variable to off :TowCars_Loop wait 0 if 0@ == 1 // If toggle variable is on then 0C8F: samp process_chat_input "/towcars" // Execute the "/towcars" command wait 30000 // Wait for 30 seconds end jump @TowCars_Loop...
  8. S

    CLEO Help bypass anti-afk textlabel

    I wanted to know if there is any way to bypass this anti-afk how it works? it generates a text label around you with the code to give the command /sairafk >code< ex: /leaveafk >code< I don't know if it's possible to do it in cleo, if you can help me sorry for my english
  9. N

    CLEO Help What is wrong with my cleo Only the first 0AF9: samp say_msg 19@ works, the ones after the wait 20000 don't, any ideas why?
  10. U

    Help can anyone help me fix this script?

    SA-MP version 0.3.7 (R1) When i open the game i get this error if anyone can fix for me
  11. Z

    CLEO Help How to press a key in a cleo script?

    I try to make an cmd to auto spawn my cars on a rp server wich need u the next string /v - enter - down (key 40) - enter, then /v - down - enter - down - enter, to spawn the remaining cars, how can i do it ?
  12. S

    CLEO Help to read player money on samp

    Exists an opcode to make the script reads the player money on samp? and if the answer is yes, how to use? i want to make my script stops when the player money is lower than $10.000, if its possible this please comment the opcode and how it works below, want to learn
  13. Exploder

    CLEO Help Help With Opcode

    So , like the title , how to use 0C45: samp create_3d_text id 1337 text "SAMPFUNCS" color 2@ position 3@ 4@ 5@ view_distance 6@ show_behind_walls 7@ attached_to_player -1 attached_to_vehicle -1 to create a 3dtext at a position I want? like create it at 383.45 -2090.80 7.84 text "Oops" color...
  14. S

    I need job recording work

    Hi guys ı need job recording job bot help me pls.
  15. Exploder

    CLEO Help Combined variable (Helpme lol)

    I have two variable now, How can I combine these two variables into one variable? 1. 0B36: samp 2@ = get_player_nickname 1@ 2. 0C3A: 3@ = string "User:" pointer if 2@ = "Oops" how to make them to 4@ that is "User:Oops" help me pls!
  16. simple

    How can I turn this manual into automatic

    I want to turn manual into automatic
  17. Shi wangh

    CLEO Help did you have pizdarvowka /piwo id cleo?

    did you have pizdarvowka cleo /piwo [id players] this cleo:
  18. M

    CLEO Help Help with a code

    I want to make a cleo that reads the content of CLEO\INI\pizza.ini For example: [food] cmd = pizza So that the text "pizza" is written as a command on the server by pressing x + y Note: the "pizza" command is foreign to the samp server. Can anybody help me? I've been trying all afternoon ...
  19. 4

    CLEO Help Changing activation to LMB

    Hi, I would like to change the activation of this cleo to "LMB" if that's possible. Thanks for help 4r017
  20. D

    CLEO Help GTA san Andears Multiplayers planes and helicopter aimlock.

    hello dear ugbase community i've made this thread to ask if there is any samp addition that help us lock aim on the players and vehicles while shooting from hunter or rustler because it's kinda hard to lock on the target, thanks in advance for understanding and if iam posting in the wrong...
  21. gravefromyt

    how do i make this? can anyone help me?

    what i want to do is. if I press x key x will continuously spam y and z keys.