1. SobFoX

    TriggerBot for FiveM Beta v1.1

    I built an external triggerbot for fivem Run after a game is running. have fun update v1.1 - More difficult to block RedArmy: Я построил внешний триггербот для Fivem Запуск после запуска игры. развлекайся
  2. SobFoX

    [SAMP]Skid boys, skid boys whatcha gonna do?[Patched]

    I made corrections to all the viruses they try to post here too..
  3. SobFoX

    Two old school videos released

  4. SobFoX

    SAMPFUNCS FakeMobile 1.0

    Advanced mobile version spoofing, note that gpci spoofer(raknet) is not enabled
  5. SobFoX

    0.3.7 - 0.3DL FAST CONNECT FOR SAMP/CRMP 0.3.7 R1,R2,R3,R4,R4-2,R5,0.3.DL 1.1

    Connects to SAMP servers quickly eliminating the 3 second wait Supports all versions of SAMP + CRMP 0.3e 🥳
  6. SobFoX

    0.3.7 - 0.3DL SAMP GREEN HEALTH BAR - Support for all SAMP / CRMP versions 1.1

    Hello I did a green color change for all SAMP versions. Enjoy! description:
  7. SobFoX

    APP APP LUA MOONLOADER - WTLS Auto Farmer + Activity Check Pass

    AutoFarmer.lua + ActivityCheckPass.lua What do you need for this? ASI Loader ASI Loader: CLEO CLEO: SAMPFUNCS SAMPFUNCS: MoonLoader MoonLoader...