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Mar 11, 2019
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This plugin allows you to change the "obedience" control and other characteristics of transport, such as its behavior when driving on different surfaces, its weight, acceleration, type of headlights. Among the nice features of the implementation-the ability to set all this not only a specific model of the machine, but also a specific ID'u (instance), created on the server. This means that in this way the server can have several machines of the same model, which can have completely different management settings.

In this case, the plugin has only recently reached the release, and according to the author, it may be unstable, and some features may not work very correctly. Also from all game transport while only cars are supported, while planes, boats and other transport have other mechanisms of adjustment in the game, therefore, perhaps, their support will appear later.

The stated version of the client running the plugin: 0.3.7, 0.3.7 R2 0.3.7 R3, R3 0.3.7-1, 0.3.DL R1. It is also stated that players without such a plugin will be able to play on the server, but the settings of the handling of any machines simply will not act on them.


Install (source code also available).