CLEO HELP couple of scripts


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Oct 11, 2019
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hi ugbase I need a couple of scripts for my cheat, send each answer in private messages / pm / dm ..
1. I need an automatic camera switch script, when the cheat locates my pickup object, the camera automatically switches to it
2. i need help with how to merge the dialog with the command for example: /asi and open the dialog with the answers
3. i need /asi size, the script that when I type /asi size I can increase and decrease the font size
4. i need /asi move to get a mouse on screen, and be able to move the font anywhere on the screen
5. i need help with screenshot key protection,if someone has a script to send it
6. I need text on vehicles (only when I'm on it) and when the cheat is on, it says the text I want to appear on it
7. i need PW (purple white) draw outlined box to switch colors
8. i need /asi color to get a dialogue with the choice of certain colors, how OF, ie in which color it will work