Selling the most advanced version of Italy Mafia Roleplay - Launcher & UCP Included!


Mar 6, 2014
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Banna said:
Bossnigguh said:
Obviously I am not Bossnigguh. Even if it was him, he wouldn't use his real name in here.

This account was created a long time ago. I used this name for fun purposes only. Never thought I'll use these forums.

The script is legit. Imperium Roleplay is known as the most advanced version of Italy. I'm willing to prove anything you'd like. Nearly all features were copied precisely from the original Italy Mafia;  alliances, fheat, wh robberies, notoriety and plenty more. There's also a launcher and a UCP that are directly linked to the script and you can use them to moderate the server.

NO OFFENCE, but only a fucking idiot would purchase this script from you with the damn user name you choose, u could probably be the admin on IM:RP but yet lied trying to catch retards by any means necessary and trust me these idiots will still buy it because of how desperate they are, and lack of knowledge on knowing how easy it is for you to capture their ip address, anyways good luck with your sale.

never thought of it but you're so wrong with your thoughts.
Why would an admin in Italy Mafia pick a name that gives his identity away lul.

I can still show the script/ucp/launcher to people who wish to see it as well as basic code snippets to prove legitimacy
problem is that poor ass shits like u will never get it because who the fuck will trade it for a steam account.