The SA:MP Coder 2023 [$300]

Sep 6, 2023
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There is a competition going on right now on blasthack forum The winner will get 300$ if his/their (group) project meets all requirements if not it will be probably selected by category numbers listed in the quote below which are prices for places from 1 to 6

Your project can be made in any programming language it should be unique, it cannot use someone's else api or known scripts from someone else
The project start time is now (since last thursday 2 november) to 9th December the project start date must be >= 2 nov not before

You can read more from the link above

Here is the translated version
The annual developer competition is back with some changes .
What changed ?
  1. The following nominations have been removed : “ Project with the best graphic design” and “Project with the best code design”.
  2. A new nomination "Project with a unique idea" has been added.
  3. Second places have been added for nominations No. 4, No. 5, No. 6. (But provided that the work was really close to winning).
Nominations :
  1. The best modification with an exclusive idea - $ 84.58
  2. Best cheat with exclusive idea - $ 69.58
  3. Project with a unique idea – $ 44.58
  4. Best sabotage cheat – $ 39.58
  5. Best useful modification - $ 34.58
  6. Best Assist Cheat – $ 27.10
Total competition bank: $300~27.519₽. Current Sponsors :
  1. BlastHack - $ 300
What work is considered exclusive ? Unusual/not previously implemented by anyone.
What is a project with a unique idea ? An unusual and interesting idea that does not fit into any other category (

Regarding the rules :

  1. The development must be public (not for sale, every user must have access to it).
  2. The development must be open source (binary + sources in the case of compiled projects).
  3. The development should be published as a topic on
  4. The development topic must include the prefix SC23 .
  5. The development must be written by you from scratch. The use of snippets and APIs is permitted.
  6. The development can be written in any programming language.
  7. The use of twinks and other tricks is prohibited.
  8. Victory in each nomination is awarded to only one work from one participant.
  9. The project should begin its development after the start of the competition.
  10. Only 1 project per user (or group of persons) can participate in the competition. Before the deadline for accepting works, the user has the right to change the competition tag from one work to another.
  11. The works are evaluated by the BlastHack team, as well as by sponsors, using voting (if necessary, in several stages).
  12. No development may be selected for nomination. In this case, the prize fund from the unoccupied place is equally distributed among the remaining nominations.
  13. Judges do not have the right to vote for themselves.
  14. Works are accepted from the moment the topic is created until December 9 , 2023 .
Works are accepted from the moment the topic is created until December 9 , 2023 . After this, voting will take place with further announcement of the results. All information regarding the competition will be published here.